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[IP] cold remedy considered harmful (apologies to edsger djykstra)

 > Hi everyone...
 > I need some suggestions: whta OTC cold/flu concoction is safe for us D's on
 > insulin to take? (I have no other med. problems) Went to the pharm last
 > night and the pharm said "sorry there is nothing you can safely take for
 > cold  Spot answers yer questions with other questions,
 > symptoms" [As if to say if you got a case of pneumonia, then we would be 
able to help ya!]
 > I have already tried the scot-tussin/diabeti-tussin things which do not
 > make
 > a dent. [ what are you trying to dent?, a suffy nose dent is different 
from sneezing sniffling coughing dents]
 > any suggestions? [probably all of them are safe but they make you sleepy 
and you might miss the early warning symptoms of a hypo]
 > what happens if we take dayquil or nyquil?
 > Will we explode? [ oh, you are soooo dramatic, yes dayquil+ diabetes = bang]
 > Thanks in advance.
Becca, I hope you are feeling better by now but I wanted to say that what you
can take from OTC choices may depend on your particular dr and what they
recommend. My endo in the early 90's always told me i could take whatever i
wanted. So I still do and have never noticed any ill effects from any of it.
and Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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