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Re: [IP] fat question

On 22 Dec 2000, at 9:05, email @ redacted wrote:

> Kevin had potato chips for snack lastnight...LOTS...like about 50 carbs & 11 
> grams fat worth, 5 servings (he's a growing boy!) We bolused normally...4 
> hours into it he spiked. My husband thought that if the fat was to play a 
> factor it would slow the absorbtion of the carbs, I thought that maybe the 
> fat kicked in later when the bolus was gone? Either way, we were up during 
> the night bolusing him back down!

This is something I'm learning how to handle too.  I eat a fairly high-
fat diet and find that they're tough to get right with my square 
waves.  I'm getting better at it, but still have a ways to go before I 
get it completely nailed down.

when I've had a large pasta meal with cream sauce & lots of 
cheese, I have to square for 5-6 hours, depending on my activity 
levels.  I never feel comfortable (so far) square waving that long, so I 
usually have to do a second bolus about an hour after the 3-4 hour 
square wave finishes.  I'm just cautious that way.  Ok, I'm a 
scaredy-cat. :-)
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