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Re: [IP] One pump or two?

>I, as you may know by now, do not pump yet, but am considering it.  I notice
>that many of you refer to having a backup pump.  Does one routinely start
>with two pumps?  Don't they cost about $5,000 a piece?

Disetronic supplies you with 2 pumps for a total of about $5000, if you
get their Htron+ model. If you get their newer pump models (Dtron and
Dahedi) then you only get one pump for the $5000, just like the other
pump companies. The reason that has been given in the past for this is
that Disetronic is the main pump supplier in Europe where they are
required by law to supply 2 pumps. Don't know why they are no longer
doing this with the new models.
The backup pump was one of the main reasons my husband went with the
Htron+, because he never ever wanted to have to go back on shots again,
even for 1 day, if he could help it. But for other people this is less
of a concern, and the additional features some other models provide may
outweigh the benefit of a backup.
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