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Hello to all

To answer some of the questions I received about mixing insulin in my 
daughter's pump, yes, I mix Regular with Humalog, not Velosulin, because it 
isn't available in this country (Dominican Republic).
I mix 200 units of H with 50 units of R. Sometimes, I don't fill the 
reservoir so much and just do 125-H  and 25- R.

I really dont know what's the trick or if her rash (under tapes) is due to 
allergy to the tapes or adhesives, or a sensitivity to Humalog. I have not 
noticed rashes in other parts of her body just under and near her sites. I 
also don't know why it works. We are doing 100% better with this method.
I really wouldn't want to be changing her sites every other day like before 
so I'll do anything to make them last longer and make her suffer a little 
less and do less pricking. When we were having the sites last only sometimes 
1 day, she was desperate and was hating pumping. She is still a child, after 
all. I also stopped using IV Prep and am using Bard with much better 

If I can be of any other further help or anybody has any questions, pls feel 
free to ask.
Merry Christmas
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