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[IP] Re: thyroid

In a message dated 12/19/00 11:50:44 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> A more permanent solution, and the treatment of choice, is to destroy a
> portion of the thyroid with radioactive iodine.  Often times, the patient
> will become hypothyroid after this and will go on Synthroid (or eq.)
sorry this is late but i got behind in digests.
I have a question.
Does radioactive iodine always destroy part of the thyroid?
I took radioactive iodine twice for a scan years before i have had 
hypothyroid.  I wonder if that could have destroyed part of it and eventually 
caused the hypothyroid?  
I was thinking all diabetics eventually get this and it is a diabetic thing 
but maybe not.
Where would i go to look stuff like this up?

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