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[IP] Very disgusted right now

All right!!  I don't get it!!!!!   I have known from the beginning that this 
would be a trial by fire, but give me a break!!!!!

I had dinner a 6, bs was 91.  At 8 it was 292, bolused 6 for that ( as per 
dr.).  At 10 it was 264, bolused 4 for that ( same thing).  At 11 it was 
302!!!!!!!  Site failure?  I guess so, so I changed it.  What I don't 
understand is what caused it?  

If there really is a reason, the only one I can think of would have been my 
yearly physical at 2:30 today.  My family physician, in the process of 
checking my stomach, pushed around the site pretty hard.  Could that have 
done it?  I supposed I should have thought ahead and put the site somewhere 

Any insight on the would be appreciated.

THank you
Michelle, Nathan's wife
Pumping 12/1/00
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