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[IP] Supportive Spouses or lack of

In a message dated 12/17/00 7:36:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Husband of a insulin dependant diabetic.  I am very proud of my wife.
 She has her problems every now and again. But by her over coming the 
 obstacles of her disease she inspires me to over come any obstacles 
 in my life.  I love her so very much for this and my other insights 
 that she has given me.   She shows me that there are problems worse 
 than mine. >>
Your wife may have problems sometimes dealing with diabetes but she should 
count her lucky stars she has a supportive husband like you.  I believe my 
husband loves me but in 16 years of marriage he has never read any 
information on diabetes on his own or shows any compassion for my fears.  
After 31 years on injection therapy I am considering going on the pump and 
trying to pick out which kind.  Any kind of change is difficult for me but 
all he can say is that everyone says pump therapy is wonderful.  I feel so 
all alone with dealing with all of this and I appreciate this group.

email @ redacted
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