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Re: [IP] Celiac -- Wish I'd been paying attention

> We were told today that the initial test done a month ago indicates
> that Katie almost certainly has celiac syndrome/disease/whatever . . .

> Anyways, I know I've seen some discusion on it in the past, but I
> really didn't pay much attention to it (although it occurs with much
> higher frequency in people with diabetes than the general population,
> it's still only about 10% of people with diabetes who also have
> celiac).  
> I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who has any info on this or
> can point me to some specific sites.  So far all I've found is very
> general stuff about it that hasn't told my anything more than I
> already know.


Have you tried the IP Search site
I did a search there and found 209 articles from all the websites 
listed, then doing a search of all the posts on the US list I found 38 
references.  Don't know how much of this you've already discovered 
but wanted everyone to be aware of the resouces available to all 
members of Insulin-Pumpers.

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