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[IP] Celiac -- Wish I'd been paying attention

We were told today that the initial test done a month ago indicates that 
Katie almost certainly has celiac syndrome/disease/whatever . . . They are 
re-doing the test and in 2-3 weeks we'll know for sure.  (Though I'm already 
pretty certain because the more I learn about it -- little as that is so far 
-- the more I can see that she's had symptoms for a while).  

Anyways, I know I've seen some discusion on it in the past, but I really 
didn't pay much attention to it (although it occurs with much higher 
frequency in people with diabetes than the general population, it's still 
only about 10% of people with diabetes who also have celiac).  

I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who has any info on this or can 
point me to some specific sites.  So far all I've found is very general stuff 
about it that hasn't told my anything more than I already know.

Thanks & Happy Holidays!
Mom to Katie (9) dx 11-8-00 and Jason (2)
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