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Re: [IP] Shopping list help

On 21 Dec 2000, at 14:20, Moira C. McCarthy wrote:

> Hi,
> We are 30 days and counting until PUMP TIME! I'm just shopping on line for
> pump accessories and I'm wondering if you all could tell me what Lauren MUST
> have from the start. I'm going to order the flannel PJ bottoms, the
> clip-n-go, the showerallower and the clip-eze. what about the sport pack?
> And the kids waist-it?

I don't know what I'd do without the Waist-it and clip-n-go that 
Jennifer sent me!  Actually, I don't use the Waist-it as it's intended. 
I clip the clip-n-go to it, so really all I would need is the strap part.  
That's what I wear in bed.  The clip-n-go gives enough slack that I 
can move the pump out of the way (I'm a big roller in bed, round 
and round I go til all the covers are tangled around me... which is 
one of the reasons why hubby and I have separate top sheet and 
blankets--less blanket-fighting that way. :-D)

> I'm also concerned about the clicking. how do you all get used to that at
> night? Will it keep her awake at first? Thanks for your input!

I rarely even hear the clicking.  I thought it would drive me nuts 
when I heard about it.  Small repetitive noises tend to make me 
destructive towards the object making the noise.  

But it's just a tiny click every half hour (or 20 minutes, depending 
on which basal profile is running).  When I'm awake, I sometimes 
hear the click and actually, and it ends up telling me what time it 
is. :-)
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