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[IP] getting ready

Hi Moira,

Erica has been pumping for 21 months now and I have not bought anything
special for her.  I remember asking the same question as you have, and people
suggested I wait to see if anything was required, so I thought I would

People told me a baby sock pinned onto  the inside of a night shirt would do
the trick to hold the pump at night,and it did.  Erica likes pyjamas better
though and just clips her pump to the top of her pyjamas.  Never been a
problem.  She usually prefers to clip her pump to the top of her jeans/pants,
but in the event she wants to hide it, I take the pants, nip a small hold on
the inside of the pants at the top of the pocket, and slip the tubing through
there...works fine.

I did make one thing for her....and she has used it when wearing a
dress...which doesn't happen much :)
I took a pair of bicycle type shorts, you know the really thin and to the skin
kind, sewed a little pocket on the inside of them with a velcro closuretop,
and she will wear these under a dress.  the pump basically disappears because
the shorts hold it so close to the  body.

I think we would be lost without the clicking.  It has never woke Erica up,
but came in handy when she was younger and wanted to confirm a bolus with me
while at a friend's house.  She would hold the pump up to the phone, and I
would count the clicks.  It made her feel better.
There is some comfort after pressing that activate button for a bolus (she has
the minimed) and hearing those clicks.  We have to actually be listening for
them though, it is sort of like people who live next to a train track and
don't hear it go by anymore...

All the best
Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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