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Re: [IP] Anger towards diabetes

Thank you for both of your postings.  I am a parent, new to the disease, but 
I think a lot about what must have happened in the old days when they 
couldn't control it as well.  My God.....the graphic nature of your posting 
was actually comforting.  It was somehow reassuring to hear that it WAS as 
bad as I imagined it to be.  Also, your comments about it being harder to 
watch your kid suffer than to suffer yourself, well, I don't know about that, 
but they sure made me feel more normal for having the incredible pain I do 
have about my kid.  In my darkest moments, I imagine her in her middle years, 
maybe alone without a husband, my husband and I already gone, her brother in 
another part of the country, and serious complications are setting in.  
Probably won't happen, but then again, who knows?  I try not to think about 
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