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[IP] Re: Shopping list

I don't see a need for special pajamas.  I went out and bought t-shirts with
pockets on the front for our son to wear to bed and they were really useless
at holding the pump. I found I would just clip it to his pajama pants and that
worked way better.  Now, he uses the neoprene sports pouch and that is what he
wears everyday and night. The pump stays in place and all the tubing is tucked

As far as anything for the shower, we use the Minimed 508 and use the
Silhouettes and we disconnect for bath time (or shower.) I am sure your
daughter will too.

The clicking is nothing at night.  It is not like she will be getting a whole
lot of insulin being pumped in?  For example my son is on .1 unit of insulin
every hour at nigtht, so there is only 1 click at the top of the hour. The
only time you would have a few ckicks in a row is when you are bolusing or
just correcting a high.  The beep of the alarms and when a bolus finishes is
louder, but can be made quieter.

Good luck and great that you are getting so organized!
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