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Re: [IP] Important Question from America

When I lived in the UK, I would go to "Boots the Chemists".  Boots is a large
chain like Save-ON or Rite-Aid is here.

If you're going to be there for a short time, and will just pay for the stuff,
your letter from the American Doctor should be OK.

Go to the Web and search the site for the British Diabetes Association they
are at
10 Queen Anne Street,
London, W1M 0BD

Their web addy is

They should be able to help you with more on travellers to UK as well as UK
doctors in the area you'll be at.

If you have an emergency, the Casualty rooms are all covered by the National
Health Service, but you may also want to ask the BDA about this as well.
Try or cry...
Jenny Sutherland
----I can fix anything...now; where's the duct tape???

  Hi (IP'ers please fwd to the UL insulin pumpers list, thanks!)

    This is a important question. I am a diabetic and pregnant (grrr...no
  for me damn it!), and need to know where, if a worst case scenario hits,
  where I can get diabetic testing supplies for my glucometer (and a vague
  inkling what they cost would be wonderful) in England. I have enough
  for a couple weeks and ample supplies for Fluffy the pump but have a habit
  of running out of testing supplies for my blood. Do I go to an apothecary
  a druggist? What's the difference between them? Will I need a prescription
  in England from a British Dr? If you could possibly find out answers, I'd
  eternally grateful!

  Also, what sort of sugar-free drinks without apartame/Nutrasweet are
  available, other than that infernal Ribena Toothkind? I can only have
  Acetesulfame K or Sucralose. Ribena toothkind makes me retch, even though I
  love black currants.

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