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[IP] Growth Spurts - Testing bgs pressure

i can tell when Kap is going through a growth spurt.  He wakes up with high 
#s.  I then adjust his basel rate from 3am to 8am.  And wow. He goes back to 
waking up with #s 80-150 - not in the 200s.
He is taking .8 units for this time frame.  His endo said maybe it was was 
dawn phen., Whatever it is when I change the basel rate it works.
Who am I or anyone else to say what his body decides to do.  It is out of our 
I just make that pump work for him.  
He is entering a stage where he is not checking bgs during the day.  Stubborn 
(like his mom)  forgetting, tired of checking, however, he will check if he 
feels out of sorts when he is at school other than that he has his reasons 
not to check.
I could ride him night and day to check it every day at 10, noon and 2 during 
school, but I don't it just seem to make things worse.  So, he checks on 
Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.  No Fridays, if his #s were good on 
Wednesday.  This fight to get him to check his bgs was getting out of hand.  
Mostly because when he does check his #s are within range and he will check 
it anytime anyday of the week when he feels things are out of sort.  (Control 
over his day just like his mom)
But, his endo gets upset to see less than 6 checks a day.  I tell her that is 
what the hba1c if for and school is a very fast paced environment, they don't 
wait for bgs checks without him missing out on something.  And he is like me, 
we dont catch up on things when we come into the middle of subjects or 
conversation etc.  So I can see where he is coming from.  
How does others handle with multiple checks during the day, he does fine at 
night with checking.  
Thanks for listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - growing up fast 
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