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[IP] Important Question from America

Hi (IP'ers please fwd to the UL insulin pumpers list, thanks!)

  This is a important question. I am a diabetic and pregnant (grrr...no beer
for me damn it!), and need to know where, if a worst case scenario hits,
where I can get diabetic testing supplies for my glucometer (and a vague
inkling what they cost would be wonderful) in England. I have enough insulin
for a couple weeks and ample supplies for Fluffy the pump but have a habit
of running out of testing supplies for my blood. Do I go to an apothecary or
a druggist? What's the difference between them? Will I need a prescription
in England from a British Dr? If you could possibly find out answers, I'd be
eternally grateful!

Also, what sort of sugar-free drinks without apartame/Nutrasweet are
available, other than that infernal Ribena Toothkind? I can only have
Acetesulfame K or Sucralose. Ribena toothkind makes me retch, even though I
love black currants.

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