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[IP] Once You're on The Pump

Hello Everyone!

     I have a general question about achieving control and ironing out the
major kinks once you're on the pump. I realize that when you first start on
the first day or so, you still have the long-acting NPH in your system
continuing to keep your sugars in check. After that, when that's gone, how
long does it take until you're not too high and not too low? I'm not talking
about the Hemoglobin A1c results. I'm talking about being able to sleep
without having to wake up to go to the bathroom, drink water, etc. or without
having to wake up because the blood sugar is too low trying to grab for your
little can of juice or sugar tablets.

I'd love to hear your experiences as I've only been on the pump for 4 days and
already have made quite a number of basal changes under the guide and
supervision of my diabetes educator.

Happy Holidays!

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