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Re: [IP] shoulder problems - Help!

I have pretty much ignored the previous posts about frozen shoulder until I
> saw the one that mentioned "pain when raising a window"


I have included some links (the first link has other links) to sites that go
into "frozen shoulder syndrome" in quite some detail, including the
exercises for it.  I am sorry that I could not find the QuickTime movie site
that I found 2 years ago, but I did find a couple that show the exercises as

A word of caution though, you should get a doctor to check your problem out
first.  You don't want to do the exercises if something other than "Adhesive
Capsulitis" is the problem.  You could hurt your shoulder worse.

My Orthopedist was sure that I had Adhesive Capsulitis, but he never the
less X-rayed the shoulder to rule out any other explanation.  With Frozen
Shoulder Syndrome X-rays show a normal shoulder.

Your description sounds like what I had.  The pain is really in the arm
muscles as you said.  It seemed to me that when the scarred shoulder tissue
would not stretch, the arm tissue stretched instead, and this hurt a lot.
>From my reading (and I read a lot about it) the shoulder tissue is supposed
to stretch much like an accordion does. You do the exercises to break this
tissue loose.  The more pain you can endure in doing the exercise the


I hope this helps you-James
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