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Re: [IP] Anger towards diabetes

email @ redacted wrote:
> There is another thread that I want to mention and that is the GUILT as a
> mother of a young child who is diabetes. 

As a parent of a child WITHOUT diabetes, I KNOW that it's MUCH harder to
watch your child suffer than it is to suffer yourself. 

My son is now 27, and not out of danger yet, because my family has a
form of late-onset, indeterminate type of diabetes. But at least, having
gotten it in my early 40's, I was much more emotionally prepared than I
would have been if I'd gotten it earlier. And I'm still hoping he didn't
get the gene, whatever it is.

You parents of diabetic children need to know how much I respect you and
all your efforts on behalf of your children!!!!! 

BIG, supportive hugs! 
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