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Re: [IP] Re: inconvenience

> That may be so, however, all those being diagnosed now know is NOW.
 > They will never experience what was no matter how we explain it...

And we're GRATEFUL that we don't have to go through THOSE experiences,

I remember, as a child of 3 or 4, watching my grandmother boil her
syringe, and fill it and pull up her dress and pull down her stocking
and quick, jab herself in the thigh. 

I remember the black bakelite case she kept the syringe in. 

And I remember her going blind, too. And being afraid to pick up her
feet when she walked because she couldn't feel where the ground was. 

My mother said that grandma used to have hypos every day, and they'd
nearly always find her on the couch when they got home from school. 

No, I'm EXTREMELY grateful I don't have to experience what SHE went
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