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Re: [IP] Anger towards diabetes

There is another thread that I want to mention and that is the GUILT as a 
mother of a young child who is diabetes.  There are no other D in either side 
of our family.  Just our son who was dxd at 5.5 and is now 9.  Every day I 
not only live with the anger but I have to live with this sense of guilt, 
like I must have done something wrong.  And every time my son has a 'bad' 
day, like keytones, or having a painful site insertion that makes him cry or 
I have to tell him that he can't do something or eat something like the other 
kids because his BGs are out of whack.  I can find myself crying on a whim 
just thinking about it.  The only thing that helped me get through those 
first few days in the hospital was the thought that "Thank God it was JUST 
diabetes and not something like Leukemia.  Josh can live with 

  So there are others who may not actually have diabetes but whose lives are 
affected as much, if not more at times, because their  child has it!

Thanks everyone for all your support!  You all are GREAT!

Sylvia Staten
mom to Joshua
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