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Re: [IP] anger and doctors -- a project

> I was young (8) when I was diagnosed also, and I just accepted the
> fact that I had to do certain things different now, eating, taking a
> shot. 
>     What I really hated although my life growing up, was people always
> telling me that "you can't do that, you have diabetes", or "you can't
> eat that, you're diabetic" over and over again! I have always hated
> that, and still do.

I was older, 15 when dxed, and pretty much accepted it also.  I had 
seen my father deal with it for years.  I also hated it when the same 
people (usually parents) would be encouraging and say  "even 
though you're a diabetic, there isn't anything that you can't be or 
do"; then, when you would do something daring, the "you can't do 
that, you're diabetic!"  

Boy, talk about conflict!       :>(

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