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Re: [IP] shoulder problems - Help!

I have pretty much ignored the previous posts about frozen shoulder until I 
saw the one that mentioned "pain when raising a window"! I thought the other 
posts meant that you couldn't move your arm because it was locked at the 
joint or paralyzed or something. Now James has made me perk up and am 
wondering if I have it.(Have had diabetes 35 yrs now) Whenever I reach up 
with my right arm (like opening a window or reaching for something up high) 
I have this horrible pain in my upper right arm (about 6 - 8 in. below my 
shoulder joint and in the front outer sidish area). Massaging it helps a 
little when it happens. I haven't reached behind to hook a bra for years. I 
thought it was a touch of arthritis, but it isn't actually in the joint or 
bone. Is what I have described "frozen shoulder syndrone"? What causes it? 
Is this really something that is caused by diabetes? Seems totally 
unrelated! So, could someone please post where on the internet the movies 
are about exercises for this condition and any other information?   Thanks   
                                                       Sue DePinto
email @ redacted

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