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[IP] Filling cartridges for MM507C

On the day before going on the pump, I filled 4 'cartridges' in order to
take 4 injections each day.  I did this for many days before that day.
Starting with 1 injection earlier in my now 46 years of diabetes therapy
before going on multiple injections.  I calculate somewhere around 25,000
cartridge fillings.  Now I fill one cartridge every three days rather than
12 in three days. I think I'll go back to multiple injections!!

But I have to deal with those damn bubbles every three days.  Oh, I forgot,
just tap the side of the cartridge with a pen or some other heavy object
(not a hammer) and those little devils go up into the neck of the cartridge
and with a push on the 'plunger' poof, they're gone.

Bring back the old days when treatment was 'easier'?????

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