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[IP] Re: inconvenience

> That may be so, however, all those being diagnosed now know is NOW.  They
> will never experience what was no matter how we explain it...

>>True, as I can personally attest.  However, hearing how it used to
be helps me enormously.>>

I appreciate that second post. Help *is* support - and that is what we try to
do, although I'm sure I fail many times. BUT, the inconvenience of filling a
syringe every few days compared to MDI filling of syringes several times a day
IS now. However old one is, someone 10 years older seems ancient.  Seventy is
not looking that bad to me at this stage - I'm 61.5.  I was 11.5 at dx and
lived 31 years on ONE shot a day, then 2 a day the following 2 years. I never
was on MDI, then started pumping in '83 which to ME doesn't seem that long
ago. lol  I had *assumed* by the time I was the ripe old age of 35 that I'd be
dead. Oh, to be 35 again. (~_^)
Jan & Bluda Sue
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