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I need to vent!

So now I have two f*&(*&g doctors telling me ( ok their stupid idiot nurses 
) that my fasting bs of 183 is tooooooooooooooo high.

I am so pissed right now.

What part of I have gastro doesn't sink in, what part of having until 11:00 
am to get blood drawn don't they get, what part of I am afraid I may drop 
too low so I do a temp decrease ( mind you I told both doctors this and now 
the one office that does the blood draw will allow all diabetics to come in 
at 8:00 regardless if there is an appointment available )????  Doesn't 
anyone listen anymore????

So being as pissed off as I am.  I paged the doctor as an emergency so I 
knew I would get them.  I am so sick of waiting on hold for ever and then I 
can never talk to the doctor.

So then I am really pissed because I have had a low grade fever and low 
while blood count ( keeps going lower ) for a year now and I was finally 
sent to a hematologist / oncologist.  Well I saw this doctor 7 weeks ago 
and I was suppose to have a Galion test done.  I called on December 4th and 
was wondering why the test hadn't been scheduled.  Oh that will be done 
this week.  Ya, that worked real well.  So I paged this doctor too.  I 
figure, why the hell should I spend my entire work day on hold to talk to a 
stupid receptionist and then have the nurse call me back who can't help and 
/ or we play telephone tag.  This guy actually apologized to me but blamed 
it on the insurance company.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so I went to my angry bad 
and promptly threw my last two items against my anger wall in the back yard.

Fran, who is feeling a bit better, but still sick of all of this.
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