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[IP] Anger towards diabetes

I have been reading the thread on the anger towards the doctors 
about dealing with D. I have been very angry with doctors and their 
not listening and treating me like a child with a low IQ at times. 
Having no insurance during college and grad school put me in the 
clinic system for 6 years (I am thankful for my medical coverage 
everyday). I get the most frustrated when doctors don't get that it is 
a daily battle to live with and there is no rest or vacation from it.

I have searched long and hard for someone who is willing to learn, 
admits when he doesn't know all, cares about me not my numbers, 
and treats me like a do have half a brain. These doctors do exist. I 
was lucky enough to find one of them. It took some time to build a 
relationship but it works.

I wasn't Dx til I was 23 years old and blamed myself for years for 
making myself a diabetic. My mother, also type I, continually told 
my brother and I if we didn't lose weight that we would too be 
diabetic. When Dx, I was about 40 lbs overweight and was told by 
the endo that if I just lost the extra pounds I wouldn't have to take 
any insulin. I know now how wrong they were. Type I is something 
that happens and not something you can prevent (at least not yet), 
but I spent many years blaming myself for "causing" the diabetes. 
This was often acted out by not being in good control.

Having to take care of my mother for the last several years and 
living with the long term effects of her 40+ years as a diabetic gave 
me the wake up call to get my act together and get into good 
control. I know many of her complications are a result of the "we 
just did know that then." But some of hers are also from the 
neglect of being in good control. She pays the price everyday.

I believe that there is a real need for counseling when dealing with 
any long term physical condition. Diabetes is well known by the 
public but not understood or falsely misinformed. Especially type I.
The mental and social aspects of diabetes is very neglected. Even 
if the threads on this support group are short lived they are helpful 
and should be encouraged.

Gail D. 
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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