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Re: [IP] argghhhhhh

Diana Clayton wrote:
> What do YOU do when you run into those act as if
> diabetes = mental incompetence?

Honest truth: do it on my own and present it to them as a fait accompli. 

This is relatively easy for insulin, because you don't need a
prescription -- harder for other drugs, but it really helps to have a
compliant doctor. 

I put myself on the pump, because I was able to get a used one from a
friend -- HE knew how to use it and I spent the weekend at his house as
a precaution. I also read Pumping Insulin before I started, and already
knew how to count carbs, and just why my daily cycle of ups and downs

Then I took the pump to my endo, and told him I was going to use it, and
his reaction was, well, let's see if we can get you a brand-new one.
Which took a lot of time and snafus, but worked in the end. 

NONE of my medical professionals treat me as stupid because they know
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