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[IP] $$ of Humalog

Well I am like that big bird with my head in the sand when it
comes to the price of my Humalog.  I pay the $15 copay and don't
know the real price.

However, Spot (aka Dr. Bender) mentioned in his post about the R&D
costs to bring a drug to market.  I have been a guinea pig for 2
drugs to help fight/manage diabetes.  One of these will never make
it to market (too many side effects), but the other has/will.  That
is Glargine (I knew it as HOE901).  I was paid for my part in testing
this product.  It was NOT big money.  If I remember correctly, I got
$250 (covered my gas for trips to the facility admistering the tests
in my area), free Glargine, and a free meter, strips, lancets, and
syringes.  So, while I was in the trial my insurance didn't have to
pay for my supplies!  ;-)  If I look back at what they paid (the money
and supplies) that did add up over the months and when you multiply
it by the number of people in the clinical trials, well hello.  It
IS big money!

I am like everyone that I hate to see the prices go up, but the
companies do have to stay in business and show some kind of profit
so they can continue to develop more products.

As for the company that produced the product that won't make it to
market, well they will not recover costs for R&D on that product.
Gotta get it elsewhere...

My 2 cents worth,

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