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Re: [IP] anger and doctors -- a project

I couldn't agree more with your observation on how the threads on emotional 
issues die out quickly.  I would really like to see some more postings of an 
expressive nature.  People tip toe around these issues, even with the 
protection of this type of communication format, and I would like to 
encourage people to open up!  The hook for me in checking into some of the 
postings is the emotional one.  Yea, it is great to pick up some technical 
tip here and there, but even better to read an opinionated or passionate or 
revealing posting on some emotional issue related to diabetes.  

I am a great believer in therapy, and have had a lot of it myself in my 
earlier years, but at 48 years old, with my act reasonably together, I would 
be hard pressed to go to a therapist (with an issue related to diabetes) that 
didn't have personal experience with diabetes, or at least with a chronic 
illness similar to diabetes.  I really believe that you gotta live it to know 
it.  Compassion is great to get, but understanding is even better.
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