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[IP] Insulin costs

I can tell you why the $$ is up! Like what was pointed out earlier on this
list, these companies are out for the money only and don't really care about
the people who use their product. And, with the vast increase of pump use
going on now, and H being the insulin of choice, these companies see very big
dollar signs in front of their eyes and feel that their profit margin should
grow to atleast 250% at the expense, of course, of the consumer...US..!!!
mom to Josh
Humalog is not the drug of choice for most diabetics it will likely be 
glargine when available.
I strongly disagree. Lilley and Novo Nordisk recently polled diabetics to 
determine the level of satisfaction with them. Lilley has been very pro 
patient as well as Novo Nordisk. The cost of bringing out a new drug today 
is in the millions of dollars. The research and development cost for 
Humulog and for Hoechst to bring out Glargine was big bucks. I'm sorry that 
you feel this way but having been on both sides, research is costly and can 
be numbing when trying to make a slight alteration in a genetically 
produced molecule.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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