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RE: [IP] Glucose tablet carrier

Jim H. wrote:
>Another alternative is to not use glucose tablets at all.  Six Life Savers
>(peppermint or wintergreen) have 15g CHO.  They come in their own packaging,
>and are a LOT less expensive than the glucose tabs.  I also carry Airheads
>with me . . . 1 Airhead has 15g CHO.  Oh, yes . . . all of these *taste* a
>lot better than the glucose tabs and, in my experience, work just as fast.

Yep. I use either hard candies or jelly beans. "Jelly belly" jelly beans are
1g CHO each, very useful for counting them out. And they come in an
almost infinite variety of flavors -- not quite Bertie Bott's Every Flavo(u)r
Beans, but close. I recommend *not* getting the assorted flavors, because
when you're in the middle of a hypo you don't have time to sort them so
that you don't get a peppermint, a root beer, a pear, and a hot buttered
popcorn, etc. in the same mouthful. Just get two or three compatible
flavors. Or if this all sounds too stressful, I've often found that lifesavers
live up to their name.

The main problem with carrying emergency sugar in a more fun form
than glucose tabs is that other people sometimes want you to share.

/Janet Lafler

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