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[IP] Re: inconvenience

> I just started my insulin pump treatment yesterday (Monday). One of the
> "inconveniences" I would say is having to load a reservoir with humalog
> insulin.

Oh, my dear pumper, it really saddens me to think how inconvenient filling a
reservoir is. I know some have complained about the large size of this thing
attached to them. Many of us on this list go back to the *inconveniences* of
glass syringes with steel 26g needles that had to be boiled or soaked in
alchohol and sharpened with a whetstone, u40 impure insulin, NO home BGs or
A1c's - just unreliable pee tests. Many of us didn't do them cuz we didn't
like wet hands and the tests always turned orange anyway (high). Others
cheated to get good results.

We had no way of making a correction to bring down a high BG cuz there was no
way to calculate it. We *assumed* we were having hypos by our feelings even
though we could have been *normal* but it felt funny after living too high for
a period. We had diets that we were required to stick to and not undereat and
not overeat. No joy in DMville. A large handful of us on this list were
more-or-less guinea pigs when pumping started in the late '70s early '80s. The
first one ('63) was the size of a backpack - today's are the size of 3/4"
stack of business cards. My first one delivered in whole units only with one
basal rate. Quite a difference in today's ability to deliver in 0.1u with a
potential of 48 diff. basal rates in one profile with 3 profiles offered -
plus a temporary rate. We didn't have Humalog either - had to use Regular
insulin meaning a bolus 20 min. before we ate for it to take proper effect
which often ended up at 20 seconds depending on how long the line at Mickey
D's was - or if one forgot to do it at all.

The *inconvenience* of filling a syringe once every few days - even after one
has filled many syringes several times a day for any length of time, seems to
me a BLESSING! (~_^) You can see a pic of my first pump (size of a checkbook
box) accessed through my website where it says PHOTOS.


Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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