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Re: [IP] anger and doctors -- a project

Very well said Jim.  I know I had the same problems when I was first
diagnosed 6 years ago at the age of 19.   It is a wonder that I'm still

One thing that I have realized is that doctors are not the infaliable people
that alot of people think they are.  They can and do make mistakes.   My
problems are with the doctors that think that only they are right and won't
accept any other way of doing things.  Or the doctors that really don't care
about the patient.  I have had both.   I am actually very demanding of my
doctors.  They have to realize that they are not the only one responsible
for making decisions in my care.  They are only an advisor to me.  I am the
one responsible for all my care.  I do need help and that is where the
doctor comes in.  If I can't work with a doctor, I will switch without
feeling guilty or anything else.  

Remember that you are the one responsible for your own care, you can't rely
on a doctor who doesn't have to live with it 24/7.  Doctors can be great
help, or they can be a great anchor around your neck.  

As you can probably tell, I have some pretty strong feelings about doctors.
I don't consider it anger, I call it a lack of trust.  But that is another

I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I feel that I needed to get it out.

Brian Mozisek
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