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[IP] Protocol for DEX Meter

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000 Kerri <email @ redacted>

>If he uploads the protocol, that is to allow all of us to be able to use it,
>right? (If so, that is very nice of him.) BUT...my daughter, being a QID user
>(but *without* the PrecisionLink software/cable) would still have to buy the 
>cable/software which is $150-$180 or so (unless I'm very mistaken

OK.  The meter's all have to have cables to connect to the PC and usually the 
software comes with the cable (or you can download some pretty good third 
party freewhare software as well).

What the protocol permits is for one who really knows how to program the 
computer (and do serial I/O nicely) to write their OWN program to download the 
meter and display results and graphs and e-mail results and fax results and 
all the other nice things you want (like putting in pump settings and carbs 
eaten and any other really useful stuff that you wish the software you bought 
did and that the gluco-geeks project will probably include in their current 

About the QID cable: I was able to get Medisence to send me one FOR FREE by 
telling them how many strips I use a month and that I could get a meter and 
cable for free from (choose your provider: I know dex gave me such very 
recently) and that you'll switch your 500-1000 strip/month order to the new 
meter if they can't help you.

Yerachmiel who is still waiting for his dex cable and dex protocol but HAS the 
precision link (and precision xtra) protocol if anyone wants it (I'm not sure 
how I'd upload, maybe scan and OCR it)
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