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[IP] Depression

email @ redacted wrote:
> email @ redacted writes:
> > Since starting the pump I have found that 90% of my ability to cope with
> > depression is dependent on normal range bg's.

>     This not-so-surprising epiphany is corroborated by dozens of parents who,
> although not specifically pointing a finger at "depression" per se, have
> commented on the amazing change in their child's "personality" (i.e. not as
> moody, woe is me-ish, etc) after achieving more normal & less
> roller-coastered bgs with pump therapy.

I've noticed the same effect. Since last October, I've been struggling
with brain-chemical severe depression, and if I don't watch the BGs like
a hawk, I typically crash emotionally. (Like having suicidal thoughts
and plans)

It's a LOUSY place to be when you have to watch BGs so carefully, BUT
you don't feel like doing ANYTHING, let alone test or calculate carbs
(AND protein and fat, which also effect me strongly!)

One thing I really like about having the pump is that I don't have to
think about shots -- it's just sitting there clicking away, and if I
don't feel like eating, I just don't, without worrying about BGs going
up (or down). Especially at night, which is when I typically feel worst,
I can just fall into bed and not think about the timing of that stupid N

Now if I could only find an anti-depressant that works reliably, (I
finally went to a psychiatrist in November), I'll feel more confident
about having beaten the monster -- at the moment, it's lurking in the
closet and coming out at unpredictable times and knocking me flat. 

But I DO have some good days, too, and for that, I'm grateful! 
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