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Re: [IP] Help!!! I think I'm going crazy

Kathy Fagan wrote:
> I could really use the help of post-menopausal T1 female pumpers.  I believe
> I am perimenopausal (altho my endo says he doesn't think so - hah!), and am
> having an absolutely terrible time with it.  

Well, do you have a gynecologist, and if so, have you discussed it with
him/her? Your endo is hardly the expert here!

Menopause at your age is NOT unheard of, even in the non-diabetic

The depression part really concerns me, and I think that you need help
and support for that, even if it's not menopause related.

I started having hot flashes when I was 47, and asked the gyno for
hormones -- I've been taking them for almost 6 years now. MY problem was
I couldn't distinguish a hot flash from a hypo, and THAT's a nuisance! 

The hormones have really regulated my menstrual cycle nicely (it was
wild and crazy before), and they have had a good effect on my HDL (or
maybe I should say fantastic effect!), and I only have an extremely rare
hot flash. 

Good luck!
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