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[IP] frozen shoulder

I wonder if others on this list have experienced this type of connective
tissue stiffness?  Why do those with D get afflicted with this?

Ken G.

I have had frozen shoulder - could not hook my bra, hold a coffee cup, kept
awake all night with the pain.  I thought it was bursitis, but with research
it sounded like "frozen shoulder".  The advice I took from an old medical book
was to exercise it. (I was afraid to do this since exercise could make it
worse if it were not frozen shoulder) But  I washed and waxed my car, and the
next day it was gone.  have not had it since 1993.  Of course, maybe my health
and mental state is better, that time period during the frozen shoulder was
very stressful and I probably was not caring for my diabetes as well as I do
now. YMMV, of course.  This was my experience.
Kathie W.
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