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[IP] my poet in training :)

 Hi everybody,

If you don't like mooshy cute stuff, this one is not for you <g>

Erica (my 12 year old pumper) wrote a poem, put it on a piece of colored
paper and glued a heart shaped frame to the outside of
it....sniff....sniff....so CUTE!  It is definitely not her style to do
poetry, or at least it wasn't.  Must be from her growing spurt!   I am
going to take the chance that she will not kill me if I share it with all
of you.  Nah, she considers the IP part of the family too, I will let her
know tomorrow.

It is to me and my husband.  I will have to find a place for it on my
site. How could anyone wonder why I would put up an exhausting fight for
almost a year to get a pump for Erica after reading this <g>!  Kids are
soooo great..sniff...sniff.....

Here in its entirety is 'the poem'

I love you guys
with all my heart
I will Never Ever want
to part

I want to be with you every day
I Never Ever want you to move away

You made my life :)
You're my dad's wife

I know you work all the time
but I know you're earning dime by dime

I like to play basketball,
BUT you guys  made my life best of
A  L  L !

See, told you it was cute!!   Hope she still feels that way when she is

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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