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Subject: RE:[IP] Clotting insulin with low basal rate?
My four year old son uses diluted insulin. We use the MM508 which has a U50
setting, so it scales everything for you. Our endo wanted us to use diluted
insulin because she said he would have more consistent delivery with it
(since the volume is higher). It had to do with cohesiveness of the drops
though - not clotting. I can see how a higher volume might help keep the
site flushed, but I'd probably play with the type of set first. A basal rate
of 0.30 is not that low (relatively speaking) - my son is on 0.15 most of
the day, so the total volume he pumps is 0.30 per hour, and we do not get no
delivery problems. I have had that alarm once, and it was defintely because
the tubing got crimped by a muscle. Anything change in your insertion
location or technique?

As long as you use insulin diluent to dilute insulin it doesn't clot. 
Insulin is a protein and attracts other insulin molecules if it is agitated 
forming fibrils. if the pump is shaken or subjected to shocks it can 
polymerize the insulin in the syringe but this shouldn't happen. If you are 
having this problem have your endo contact professional services at Lilley 
for answers. Spot.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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