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[IP] Glucose tablet carrier

I bought some glucose tablets in a tube and after that just kept 
refilling it.  But I find that the lid quickly gets too loose and then 
they'll all suddenly fall out.  The other night, this had potentially dire 
consequences.... they all fell out on to the pavement when I pulled 
the tube out of my back pocket.  Sorry, but I'm NOT going to pick 
'em up and eat 'em anyway!

Fortunately, I was right outside the office I had just cleaned, so I 
was able to go back in to the building and get some sugar packets 
from their lunchroom.  

Who knows where the lid ended up?  Right now, I have the top 
stuffed with cotton.  I don't like this situation.  This has happened 
far too many times and those little tubes are expensive.

Anyone know where I can get some kind of similar tube that has a 
*screw* top instead of a pop top?  Something that's a little more 
sturdy but the right size for glucose tablets?
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