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[IP] food guide on line

=<< I don't pump (yet), but would like to start.  However, I'm not sure how
 =I am at carb counting.  Is there an online resource that anyone can
 =recommend? >>

=Andy, I held off getting the pump for two yrs because I was so sure I
=wouldn't be able to learn to count carbs!  Thats hogwash. Im on a MiniMed
=pump and in the first batch of supplies was a carb counting book. Also on
=Amazon I got a bigger carb counting book. It took me about two weeks to get
=the carb counting down pat. In my case it was just an excuse to not try
=something new and unknown. Ive never had better a1c's or felt better in 36
=years of diabetes. Go for it, there are so many people here willing to help
=you in any way. Good Luck, Joan

When I started, I was looking at package labels, online resources and books;
figuring how much simple sugar vs fructose and how much fat, and multiplying
by my ratio.  But then I said, "Oh, forget this."  And I started getting a
feel for it.  I know that a particular meal is typically a certain bolus,
+/- 0.5 or so.  Afterward, if I feel like I ate more than usual, I pump an
extra unit.  Pizza kicks in a bit later, and rice packs a real punch within
an hour.  Lately I was sick with a sinus infection and I had to multiply
everything by about 1.5, so it isn't perfect, but, for me anyway, there's a
fair amount of play in the whole thing.  And if you're going to go for a
walk after dinner, cut about a unit or so off of the bolus; a hard workout,
cut it in half.

My point is a resounding agreement with Joan that you should never wait
because of carb counting.  IMHO, diabetes is like the damn Human Genome
Project: you can't reduce it and still understand it all.  You just have to
keep swimming and listen to your body, anticipate as well as you can and
react without over-reacting.  The good thing about the pump is that you can
do it all a hell of a lot better than with any MDI plan.

"We don't need a thinker, we need a doer: someone who will act first without
considering the consequences."
-Homer Simpson

Derek Ryter
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Oregon
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