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Re: [IP] Target BG

On 19 Dec 2000, at 7:23, email @ redacted wrote:

> email @ redacted wrote:
> > Due to hypoglycemic unawareness my target blood glucose is 100. 
> Just curious (and this question is for everyone), what would your target
> be if you DIDN'T have hypo unawareness?

My endo doesn't want me to go below 100 until she says I can.  
Has to do with wanting to gradually get me into tighter control, 
rather than risking unconscious hypos.  Particularly since I'm often 
alone at night in office buildings without another soul around 
anywhere.  And I do a lot of driving at night too (which is really hard 
when my BGs are high and my eyes are blurring).

She's right.  I've had 4 mini-hypos in 4 days (56, 47, 60 & one 
unknown BG) cuz I adjusted my basals a little too high during my 
afternoon (which is everyone else's evening).  And that's even with 
trying to stick to the goal of staying over 100!

*Eventually*, my goal will be to stay between 60 and 120 24 hours 
a day, as I get closer to being allowed to try to get pregnant.

But for now, she just wants me to aim for no lower than 100.
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