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Re: [IP] anger and doctors -- a project


  I think this meesage says a lot of what I've been thinking/feeling.  My 
'beef' right now is that I hate organizations that treat me like I'm a nobody 
who knows nothing or very little, just because I don't have a bunch of 
'credential" abbreviations behind my name.  I have a BS degree in Dev. Psych, 
strong medical background both experience and college classes.  And now I 
have 3.5 years (I know relatively small compared to some of you!) 24/7 
hands-on, one on one care of diabetes with my son Joshua.  He is also now a 
pumper.  He is the only pumper in his school district and the only d. kid in 
his school!  But everyone looks to the school RNs for their answers on this 
subject and guidance.  Guess who the RNs call for their answers???...ME!!!

  I'm trying to get a CDE certification but I apparently don't have the right 
credentials.  I have a BS yet it requires only a 2 yr RN degree!  And I have 
actual experience.  There are NO CDEs in our remote area that even know 
anything or deal with kids!  That is why I'm trying to do this. Shoot, there 
are only two CDE's in our area, period!!

  I recently went through the Disetronics pump trainer training but my friend 
(JUST a mom like me) and I were the only non-'professionals' there and we 
doubt very much that our rep will call on us to help others learn their pump. 
 And Minimed and Animas won't even take my inquiries about being a trainer 
for them because, well, you guessed it, I'm not 'professional' enough for 

  And what gets me is that our endo...THE BEST ENDO IN THE ENTIRE WORLD... 
asks me and my friend for advice about many issues with our kids and others, 
things he can pass on to other families.

  So, if you are putting together a project about the 'professionals' ask 
people who knows more about this disease...US or THEM???!!!...:-)

Sylvia Staten
mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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