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[IP] anger and doctors -- a project

I've noticed that there are a number of doctors, RNs, CDEs,
and other health care providers on this list. I've also seen, 
here and on every diabetes discussion group I've ever been
involved with, a lot of anger and frustration when we talk
about our doctors and the medical profession in general. 
Sometimes it gets pretty brutal, because we're really angry.
We're angry about what we see as doctors' ignorance and
lack of compassion. Maybe we're angry doctors for things
outside of their control -- like the fact that there's no cure 
for this disease.

I've had some very bad experiences with doctors, and I've
done my share of venting about them. But I've also worked 
with doctors and I know that they often have a lot of reason 
to be frustrated with their patients.

So, here's my question. What can we all do about this? Is
it just a matter of finding the right match -- a "compliant
doctor," as someone said recently -- or is there a way to get
a diaglog going between patients and health care providers
so that more of us can get the care, compassion, and respect 
that we want and need? I would especially like to hear from 
health care providers. What can we tell you about our exper-
iences as patients that would help you in your own practices, 
and help you educate your colleagues?

/Janet Lafler

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