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[IP] Protocol for DEX meter


I just got off the phone with R&D department at AMes (DEX Meter division) who 
is sending me the software protocol for the DEX meter.

I now have the DEX protocol and the QID protocol!!  (And I didn't have to sign 
non-disclosure for either one).

(The lady from DEX has a nephew who is a teenager and totally out of control 
who lives somewhere in Utah.  She is VERY interested in helping him out and 
was very thankful for the IP web site and related info.)

There are a lot of people out there who KNOW they need us but don't know we 
exist.  Ask questions when speaking to reps because we can really really help 
a lot of people.

Anyone interested in these protocols give me about a week to get it (I guess 
mail will be SLOW this time of year).

Maybe we should create a sub-directory on uploads for meter and pump protocols 
and then each meter or pump put in a seperate sub-directory (ex: 
/upload/meters/DEX  and /upload/meters/QID).  When I get this I guess I'll 
start the section.

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