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email @ redacted writes:
<< > It could be described as a "captive market".
 > At 01:00 PM 12/18/00 -0500, you wrote:
 > >I was paying $38 and it is now $43. I see no excuse for it. What
 > >ever happen to "supply and demand"? I buy it from WMT, the lowest
 > >in my city of Hot Springs, AR
Come on FDA, let Novo-Nordisk introduce competition into the
analog insulin market! Let us have Novolog Now! ;>)
George >>
George I agree. By my calculations U-80 has gone up 15 times what it
cost in the 50's ($ 2.83). I guess that's not fare we did not have humalog
then. One thing is for sure a second supply of it would cause the price to
not increase as fast.Roger C (dx12/1/47 pm 5/8/00 hockey puck in tow
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Well George and Roger, I have bad news for you>: Novo Nordisk A/S is 
licensing the Humulog from Lilly, It is genetically engineered courtesy of 
Lilley's fundamental research on insulin over the years. It is also 
patented and the cost of getting any drug licensed today is in the millions 
of dollars. I'm not crying for Lilly but they have been there along with 
Novo all these years supplying most of the worl'd's insulin. Only Sqibb and 
Wellcome have made insulin in the past. Until Humulin Lilley produced 
reliable, standardized insulin from slaughtered pigs and steers for years 
at almost no profit and provided a lot of support for diabetic patients. 
When I was in training the hospital gave me free insulin courtesy of 
Lilley. Along with Hagedorn Lilley pioneered NPH insulin. the did not 
require a cross licensing arrangement with other manufacturers. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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