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Re: [IP] Help!!! I think I'm going crazy

Hi  Kathy,

peri-menopause can begin in the mid to late 30's (from my doctor) for some
women.  Hot flashes are a symptom and they vary from women to women.  Some
no problem and some do have a problem it is an individual thing.
Insomnia is also part of this.  When I was going through menopause I would
really hyper and extremely sensitive to sounds and light and then other times
things were ok.
In my opinion and experience my gynecologist really was the one who helped
Has your endo done blood work to see what is going on with your hormones?
if there are no drastic changes symptoms alone can benefit from treatment.
you can get help for the depression.  It is all part of hormonal issues if it
is menopause.
Also- there are many good web sites on the Internet to read about this and
very good books to read.
And please make an appt with your ob/gyn.
It will get better. I found myself incredibly creative and found that I am
enjoying menopause.  I really have not aged that much from menopause or
diabetes.  I have very beautiful skin still and really am at a lot of peace
even though there are severe health issues I have to cope with. And I have
able to tune into my creative side and am now able to relax and enjoy life a
lot and it is great to be this age (51) because I have come into who I am
more so.
It is a crummy feeling for many women as they go through menopause. I had
restless legs, couldn't sleep but wasn't tired, on edge a lot, hot flashes. I
still have hot flashes but my hubby and I joke about them but I know they
hurt me so those aren't an issue anymore.
Everything else has gone away.
I used this time to look into my inner self..kinda like when I went from a
to a woman :)
It is a great time to refocus..take time for you..and be in tune and to ask
help from a doctor who will listen:)
I hope you get to feeling better. And take care of you and be gentle with
yourself ok?)
email @ redacted

At 11:44 AM 12/19/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I could really use the help of post-menopausal T1 female pumpers.  I believe
>I am perimenopausal (altho my endo says he doesn't think so - hah!), and am
>having an absolutely terrible time with it.  I have always suffered PMS,
>with elevated bs's in the week or so before my period.  As time has passed,
>my cycles have shortened in duration, until now they are just two days long
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