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[IP] Speak Out

SNIP>>>>Well, we, the people, are the only ones who can do anything about
No political lectures here, but each of us DOES need to think about what
we can do.  
  ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- 
  Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!<<<SNIP

Natalie is so right!  My mother passed down a gene to me called "squeak!"
She taught me to speak out.  I learned early how valuable a letter written
to the top person would get you.   We do need to write a letter, handwritten
carries much more weight than email, to Nova, to Lilly asking them to stop
raising prices. 

Course we can't stop greed.  Lilly may be raising them so that Nova's new
insulin will come in at a price close to the current price of the only other
one on the market...could be them talking to each other.   We don't know and
we are trapped.   But Lilly makes MANY more drugs and products, and if we
should, for example, say write and tell them we must have Humalog, but we
will buy no more products made by Lilly, they might hear us.  I, personally
don't like threats...but we are over a barrel here and they know it.
Usually, a product whose demand increases drops in price.....but as someone
said, we are a captive audience. 

HOWEVER, we need to write our senators, our congressman, our reps, and our
president about having prescription drugs covered with Medicare, everyone
one of us will be on it one day....or socialized medicine will be the gamut.
If we don't tell the people who run our lives, what we want, we won't get
it.  Write one letter a month to those in power and tell them what you want!

We, IPers Listees, might think of a way to start a foundation (AFTER we pay
our costs monthly!! Quick send you donation to the list before 12.31.00 and
get your tax deduction) for those who have no insurance.  I could add a
dollar or two to my monthly $10 bucks!  
 Bonnie Richardson  who is anxiously awaiting my pearl grey MM 508!!!
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