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Re: [IP] Site Longevity in Pumping Kids/Teens

> Michael (and the group),
> What does mixing insulin have to do with how long a site lasts? 
> Could we do better than 48 to 72 hours per site?  Would I mix the H
> with N?  I must say, she spikes so quickly from any problem due to
> no residual N in the system.  This idea sounds like it could be
> quite an improvement.  

You don't want to mess with Nph or Lente insulin, they are not 
suitable for use in pumps. No one really knows why mixing works, it 
has not been studied formally. Best guess is that the buffering 
effect of the regular insulin inhibits the body's reaction to the 
Humalog. It probably has nothing to do with the Velosulin being 
longer acting, only that it is present in the tissue. I suspect the 
problem with H is that with the switched chain, the body wants to 
identify it as a "foreign" substance and I would guess that the 
presence of regular insulin mixed with it helps hide this anomaly.
This is only speculation on my part based on my rudimentry knowledge 
of chemistry and immune action (really rudimentary:-).
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